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We had specific needs in our house that could not be found in any off-the-shelf house plan.  Phillip was willing to work with our ideas and give us several drafts of possible floor plan arrangements that really helped us visualize the possibilities.  The flexibility of being able to rearrange the floor plan as well as the roofline and exterior design was really helpful.  It was great to work with Phillip.

Joel Funk 


We are pleased to endorse the services of Phillip Rye.  Mr. Rye was both patient and responsive to our ideas and concerns in drafting the plans for our home based on our design concepts.  He was accessible and very easy to communicate with.  Most importantly, his plans were professional and competitively priced, and he was able to adapt a structure to our design quickly and without hassle.  We highly recommend the services of Rye House Plan Design and Energy Consulting to anyone considering residential or commercial construction.

Todd and Tasha Gibson































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House Plan Pricing

First of all I want you to imagine yourself sitting in your new dream home watching your favorite TV show or reading your favorite book.  Got that warm fuzzy feeling?
Really... think about it.  What's is going to look like?  What color will your favorite room be?

Now think about how hot it can be in the summer, how high your utility bills have been in the past, but now how comfortable you are in your new energy efficient home built just like I taught you.  Think about those 95 degree summer days when your cooling system ran 24 hours a day and could not maintain 78 degrees.

Those days of a home with high utility bills and high indoor summer humidity ARE OVER!!  Now picture yourself baking me a big apple pie to send me because your house is just like you always wanted and performed just like I said.

JUST KIDDING!!! Well... about the apple pie part.

So how much is it going to cost to see your home in 3D before it's built and me teach you how to make it super energy efficient at a very reasonable cost, like no one else can?  Not very much considering this is probably the biggest investment of your life!

Two Separate Calculations:

  1. Custom blueprints (under roof):
    Standard charges are $0.40 (40 cents) per sq ft under roof.
    This is for all living area, garages, and porches. There is no charge for unfinished basement area.

  2. Energy Analysis (living area):
    Complete energy analysis for your specific plan.
    Charges are $0.10 (10 cents) per sq ft living area only.

++ Still have questions? 
Email me at philliprye@philliprye.com or call 501-317-9883.


No hidden fees, no add-ons at the end.  One flat per square foot charge.  Two things to note that I'm asked often:

  1. What are the charges for the second story?  Charges on the second story are for heated and cooled living area, bonus rooms, and any covered patios or decks.

  2. What are the charges for a basement?  I only charge for area drawn in the basement.  If it's a full open basement with no defined rooms there is no charge.

    If I draw a 10'x10' room, that's 100 square feet.  If I draw a partial basement the living area is calculated and that is the charged amount.


How To Build The Most Practical, Energy Efficient
Home With A Written Guarantee

Now folks, what I'm about to share with you is so unique you won't find it anywhere else in the country.  I promise! 

You will not find another person that will size your heating and cooling system based on your specific home, give you a detailed energy specification lists on how to build your home, and give a written guarantee on your average heating and cooling costs.

  • Can you find someone else to run your heating and cooling loads?  Yes, but who do they work for.  They are heating and air contractors that sell the equipment.

  • Do they take into consideration a home built like I teach?  Probably not.

  • Do you get a detailed specification lists of how to make your home energy efficient?  Never seen it before.

  • Will they guarantee in writing your average heating and cooling costs?
    Absolutely not!

Sometimes I am asked how I can guarantee your heating and cooling costs.  See, when your house is built correctly I know how it's going to perform no matter what the outside temperature is.  Based on HVAC calculations, proprietary software, and 15+ years of teaching energy efficiency I know exactly how your house will perform.

Listen to what I say and be done with it!  I'm going to be completely honest.  I make my living drawing house plans and energy consulting.  I'm not paid by ANY manufacturer!  No one sends me a check for recommending their product.  You choices on energy efficiency have no financial consequences to me.

What does that mean for you?  Honest, unbiased, professional advice.

There are two prices for running your heating and cooling loads and providing everything listed above.  One if I draw your plans, and one if you send me plans you already have.

  1. I draw your plans - $0.10 per square foot living area only.

  2. You send me your plans by mail or email - $0.15 per sq ft living area only. 


Please take just a second and use your imagination with me.  Picture yourself taking $400 to an investor.  What kind of return do you expect?  5%, 8%, or even 10%?

In 6 months you give him a call and he's happy to inform you that your return is 750%!
Can you imagine that?  750%!!

That's exactly what you can get when I run the energy analysis on your home.  On a 2700 square foot home the costs is $405.  On almost every single home I run the calculations on I save YOU at least $3000 in upfront equipment costs alone.  Just by sizing the system correctly.  I don't guess at it.  I don't use a rule of thumb.  These savings don't even include monthly savings for the rest of your life.

And more importantly than the money, you'll have a comfortable home all year long.
I want to share two sayings before I go:

The greenest energy is the energy not used.

 A mortgage is for 30 years, energy efficiency is for life!

Contact me at 501-317-9883 or through the form on my home page if you have questions, need more information, or are ready to get started.  Please reserve this phone number for new plan inquiries or new home energy analysis only.

Thanks and God bless!