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Energy Efficient House Plans

The Secret To A Super-Energy Efficient Home!


From: Phillip Rye

STOP what you are doing a read every word of this letter. If you are planning on building a new home it could very well be the most important letter you ever read.

Have you ever been to a website that advertises "Energy Efficient" house plans or "Green" house plans?
Did you ever notice that they never mention how YOU can save money on your utility bills? Or better yet, GUARANTEE your utility bills.

I want to point out something very important. Energy efficient and Green really aren't the same thing. People interchange them all them time. Just because you use a green product doesn't mean it's energy efficient. You can have the greenest house in the world but still have really high utility bills.

You see, there are hundreds of green materials that are environmentally friendly but don't save you one dime on your electric bills. I know the products that are green AND energy efficient, such as cellulose insulation. It's ground up, recycled newspaper. It doesn't get any greener than that!

Geothermal heat pumps use solar energy (very green) stored in the earth as a heat exchanger. They are 500% energy efficient, which saves a ton of electricity. So don't go looking for GREEN house plans. Let me design your home exactly like you want it and then I'll teach you how to make it super energy efficient AND green!

Is there anyone in all of America that will design your home, teach you everything you need to know to make it super-energy efficient at a reasonable costs, and GUARANTEE, in writing, your average heating and cooling costs? The answer is no.

Trust me. I've done my share of research on the internet and I guarantee you WILL NOT find anyone that knows more about residential energy efficiency than I do. Are there people out there that know more about recycled carpet, cork flooring, or recycling rain water than I do? The answer is yes and environmentally safe products are VERY important. However, if you're like most of my clients, you are on a budget and paying 3 times the cost for a product is not an option. Even though it's good, it's not an option.

I'm not going to tell you to jump on the bandwagon and do what everyone else doing? I couldn't sleep at night if I told you to spend $30,000 on something that might save you $50 per month. That's a 50 year payback!

Do everything I teach you on your new home and it might cost an extra $3000 on a 3000 sq ft home.  That's less than a 1% of the total! It's not rocket science and it's nothing new. It's just knowing how to put it all together and use construction techniques that really work. I'm not going to recommend anything that has a payback of less than about 8 years. Some items could pay for themselves in the first year.

Let me turn your dream home into a super-energy efficient home with guaranteed low utility bills. Call me at 501-317-9883 or email at .


Sample Energy Efficient House Plans

I have hundreds of plans on file but it takes A LOT of time and programming to get them suitable for the internet. To be honest, I would have to hire someone full time to sort, convert the plans, and do the programming to search them all.

As a rule of thumb, most of my clients have already looked at 100's of plans and just cannot find one that fits their needs. However, they do have ideas or sketches of what they really want in their home.

This is where I come in. I can take any drawings or notes you have, draw that up into a first draft, and we will start making revisions from there. Unlike other designers, I do not charge by the hour, which is always unknown to you, or vary my prices depending on how I feel that day or how much time I think might be involved. This is always too open ended for the client and can result in a huge shock at the final price when all is said and done.

I charge on a per square foot basis under roof. This includes all revisions and drawings as outline in my design agreement.  No additional fees tacked on at the end. You can easily keep track of your square footage as know exactly what the final charges will be.

Please keep in mind that the exterior of your home is the second stage of the design process.  I help you get your floor plan designed like you want it and then we can make the outside look like any style you want.

Download a sample set of plans < HERE > to see what a full set of plans contains and what you will receive. This plan is an example ONLY and I understand that it may be much larger or fancier than what you intend to build, but it shows you what you can expect to receive.

< Download plan >  (Allow more download time for slower connections)

Contact me at 501-317-9883 or email at  to discuss your drawings or ideas.



Why Choose Phillip Rye?

Services offered

Phillip Rye House Plan Sites
Consultation Fee $0 $50-$100
Cost for revisions $0 Estimates only
Right read reverse plan/mirror $0 $75-$175
Unlimited copies of your plan $0 Not available
3D Drawings included in plan $0 Not available
3D Video of your home $0 Not available
Customer service Phillip Rye Large Company
Additional costs for basement/slab $0 $100-$150
Home energy analysis with WRITTEN GUARANTEE on your heating and cooling
costs. Everything you need to know to make
your home super-energy efficient saving
$1000's of dollars!
10 cents/sq. ft. living area Not available


"We would like to highly recommend Phillip Rye. He has worked very closely with us, on what was just an idea from my own head, about the house that I wanted. My husband found Phillip's name through his pursuit of a very energy conscious person to take this on, he found his father's videos first and through that we found Phillip.

We were frightened that we wouldn't be able to do something like this over the internet, but Phillip was able to stay right with us and was able to understand all of our wishes for the house.
We were extremely pleased with all of our interactions with Phillip and all of the services he offered us from Drafting to Energy consulting."

Kim and Dan Atchley

"Residing in Colorado and building in Colorado with plans drawn in Arkansas would have been a slow and tedious process in time past. Phillip and I worked efficiently with the use of Internet technology to communicate our ideas clearly and quickly. It was a simple process of receiving a PDF via e-mail, hand-sketching any changes, scanning the document and e-mailing back to Phillip. We had no ideas lost in oral communication. Phillip was very responsive to my request and put together a complete set of construction plans that accurately portrayed my new house concept while adding professional ideas all at a very affordable price. I'd do it again."

Dave Hollema
Littleton, CO



Preferred payment is with Credit/Debit card.  Payment is made through three payments during the design process.

  • Payment One - $300 payment is made after the initial draft is sent to you.

  • Payment Two -   Approximately 1/3 of the final balance is taken half way through the design process

  • Payment Three - Remaining balance when the plan is completed and submitted to you.

Payment methods

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Thanks and God bless!

Phillip Rye

  Rye House Plan Design and Energy Consulting Benton, AR

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